Vermillion, SD

Quick Stats:


Population increase from 10,000 (2010) to 11,000+ (2021)

Median age


are under the age of 30


live in poverty


don’t consider themselves “religious”

Home of the University of South Dakota

A VIBRANT, welcoming community

The Power of a College Town

  • A Vibrant Community. For a small town like Vermillion (11,000 people) with a large university like USD (9,000 residential students), the unique energy the university brings is deeply infused with the community. In turn, Vermillion has a vibrant culture, where it’s known for the quality of its positive people holding an “open arms” posture to see that anyone, from anywhere, can come and make Vermillion home.
  • A Transient Community = A Sending Culture. As a college town, Vermillion sees thousands of people pass through its community every 4-5 years. This gives the opportunity to disciple the people who come through our in the way of Christ, and then send them out as missionaries to wherever God leads them next, be it Vermillion for the longterm or a city for their first job placement.
  • Formation Power Houses. College towns are where young people discover who they are, what they’re called to do, and what they believe. The 4 years spent in college can set the trajectory of a young person’s life. This makes it all the more vital for a vibrant church community to be an additional voice in formation of the next generation’s identities, vocations, beliefs, and mission.