The Offices

In this series, we examined the threefold office of Christ: prophet, priest and king. What does it mean for Christ be a prophet, priest or king, and what does that mean for us?

Love Ain’t Easy

God, just as he has loved us in sending his Son, has challenged us to love him and love one another — but loving one another isn’t an easy task! In this series, we learn of the importance of and how to love God and love others.


In this series, we are going through the Transfiguration of Jesus and how that specific passage in Scripture teaches us about what it looks like for us to ascend to new heights in our faith.

All I Want for Christmas

In this series we look at the longings of Christmas — specifically, the deeper longings such as the longing for peace, for satisfaction, to be chosen, and more.

The Core

In this series we zoned in on The Apostles’ Creed, which is the symbol of the Christian faith, and learned about God, the three distinct persons of the Trinity, sin, the Church, and resurrection life.

Live Vibrant

In our very first series as a local church, we highlighted being a good shepherd and our three values: Worship, Words, and Work.